This campaign covers the events in the massive and newly-colonized Rusalka Sector. This sector is the large cluster of stars “north” of the Tau Empire, between the Sagittarius and Centaurus arms of the galaxy. The sector itself is sparsely populated, with only a handful of heavily developed worlds. Presiding over the sector are two worlds: Lith, less-populous seat of the Adeptus Terra; and Pola, the more-populous manufacturing and mining center of the sector.

Power in the Rusalka Sector

Lord Sector Burgess Jagiellon is the Sector Governor, and despite his claim to the title and duties as Governor, he is rarely actually found in the Rusalka Sector at all—in his stead, his eldest son, Burgess Jagiellon II, rules the Sector. Jagiellon II has a largely laissez-faire approach to leadership, letting money and growth find their way into the sector on its own, directed there by the substantial influence network of his father.